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How it works

Doctosmart offers offline desktop application that manages your clinic. It is a simple, easy-to-use tool that allows you to manage your patients' profiles and appointments, as well as control your inventory

No internet needed!

Your Doctors can manage their patients, staff and accounts in a secure environment without reliance on the internet. You'll have a centralised location storing all your clinic data.


Helps keep track of your entire patient population, their individual progress and facilitates communication with your entire team. The easiest way to complete your clinical documentation

Personalized for you

We personalize the software for your clinic, so you never have to worry about unnecessary features. And, our support team is always on hand to assist you whenever you need it – we’re here for you.

Strongly secure

Doctosmart™ is strongly secure end-to-end solution addressing patient care, clinical workflow and collaborative lifecycle of clinical activity.It's a unified health platform to enhance quality patient care.

Advanced Features

Integrated image processing: store CT scans and other images right in each patient's record. With our software, you won’t have to worry about losing track of important information ever again!

More precise

No matter how many clinics you’re running, you’ll find all of your patient records instantly searchable. We also come with a mobile app so you can access data while they are on field/calls.

work efficiently, communicate better and accelerate.

This revolutionizing management software for clinics provides a whole new experience of offline clinic management and is capable of managing 1 to 10 clinics with the same management software.

  • Saves up to 30% of operational costs on paper-based processes.
  • Easy to Switch: No need to uninstall old software when you switch, everything is seamless and fast.
  • Achieve better professional reviews and collaborate within the medical community.
  • We provide customized solutions.